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Community Support

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Pets Are Wonderful Support (PAWS) was founded in 1987 and first began with a focus on patients with HIV/AIDS, many of whom (especially in the earlier days of the AIDS epidemic) found themselves without support from family & friends and relied on their pets for love and companionship.  Seeing that vulnerable people in their community during the AIDS crisis were neglecting their own health by feeding their companion animals with donated food intended for themselves, PAWS stepped in to create an animal food & supply bank with the belief that no person should ever have to choose between feeding themselves or their beloved pet.


Over the years, PAWS has expanded its services to low-income seniors, people with serious illnesses, and those challenged with mental health problems.  For PAWS' clients, their pets aren't just members of the family, in many instances their pet is their ONLY family. By providing food, supplies, free & subsidized vet care, dog walking services, litter box cleaning and foster care, PAWS is helping keep at-risk and marginalized individuals and their pets together, thereby supporting and nurturing the human/animal bond for the most vulnerable in our community.

woman and dog


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At Bark, we've long admired PAWS' values and continue to be an advocate for their on-going mission.  Since day-one, PAWS has remained privately funded and has depended on the generosity of their donors to support their efforts.  We encourage you to help PAWS carry out its important work by donating directly to this organization so that they can continue to ensure that neither illness nor age separates those in need from the unconditional love of their companion animals.