GoughNuts - Orange Ring

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Dunkin’ GoughNuts…Developed, or should we say ‘baked’, by a mechanical & polymer engineer, these donut shaped toys were created for the most ardent of chewers. Designed to provide a safer, tougher chew toy, this natural rubber ring is made using an engineered carbon reinforcement. GoughNuts are so tough they come with a lifetime warranty.

  • Made in the California, U.S.A

  • A great toy option for tough and aggressive chewers

  • Easy to clean using warm soapy water

  • Official toy of the U.S. Border Patrol and Guide Dogs For The Blind

  • To enhance safety, the inner core is comprised of a red rubber serving as a safety indicator. Should your pooch chew down to this red layer its time to take the toy away from your dog and have it replaced. Essentially red means ‘Stop’.