Bonne et Filou - Macarons Peanut Butter

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This is our flagship Bonne et Filou product: - Handmade with premium human-grade ingredients in the USA - Box of 6 dog macarons - 100% natural, corn-free, wheat-free ingredients - No artificial coloring or preservatives - Hard treat designed for a long-lasting chew - Shelf life of 12+ months | No need for refrigeration Packaging: The main product on the page has a window on the right of the packaging for the customer to see the product through it. This packaging has been designed specifically for sales in retail. If you would like the packaging without a window, please let us know by message. Ingredients: Base Recipe: Oat Flour, Honey, Coconut Oil All-Natural Flavored Yogurt Filling Feeding Instructions: Our treats are hard, designed for a long-lasting chew For elderly or small dogs, we recommend breaking the treat in smaller pieces (by twisting both sides)