Celebrity Pets On The French Riviera In The 50's & 60's

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During the 50’s & 60’s photojournalist Ed Quinn shot a series of images showing celebrities of the era with their favorite four-legged friends. In the presence of their beloved pets, these high-profile personalities became incredibly approachable, whether it was Picasso romping with his dogs Kabul & Lump, or Somerset Maugham on all fours playing with his Pekingese, Chin. We see Prince Rainer using a tiger as an icebreaker with Grace Kelly, and Brigitte Bardot in bed with her mixed-breed Guapa. This beautiful hardbound book offers a relaxed look into the private lives of varying icons during the Riviera’s heyday.

  • Author: Edward Quinn

  • Format: Hardcover w/ Jacket

  • Size: 10 5/6” x 13 3/8”

  • 160pp, 126 b/w photographs