Dog's In Vogue - A Century Of Canine Style

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The next best thing to having the world at your feet is to have a dog at your heels,' observed Vogue in 1930.

Since 1909, dogs have had a role to play in the glamorous story of Vogue, as companions to style icons and royalty, society leaders, artists and models. Portrayed here are dogs in their own right and dogs with their people. Here are stout-hearted wire-haired terriers; elegant sighthounds; diminutive pugs and Pekinese; poodles, the epitome of French chic; and gentle spaniels and retrievers.

The dogs that have appeared in VOGUE have inspired brilliant articles by writers such as Dorothy Parker and Lesley Blanch. Dogs have been painted by many of VOGUE's greatest artists, from Douglas Pollard to René Bouët-Willaumez. This stunning book features dazzling, rarely seen photographs by Cecil Beaton, Irving Penn, Lord Snowdon, David Bailey, Mario Testino and more. Dog-loving fashionistas will be delighted by Judith Watt’s captivating celebration of nearly a century of canine style.

  • Author: Judith Watt

  • Format: Hardcover w/Dust Jacket

  • Size: 9” x 10.6” x1”

  • 288pp