Hozi - 3way Hands Free Leash

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light and strong washable 3/8" diameter (10mm) Hozi hands free leashes can be used in 3 different ways. 1. Cross body Since you don't have to hold this hands free leash when you walk your dog, you can be worry free from having a leash slipping out of your wrist. You can also sit at the parks and coffee shops with your dog, and freely checking your phone and enjoying your coffee. It would upgrade quality of your life. 2. Around your waist as a belt If you want to enjoy jogging or hiking with your active dog, you may have the leash around your waist and tighten it to your size by pulling the rope. Once you feel comfortable with the adjustment, you are ready to go. 3. Tightened wrist-strap Simply pull the rope to make it fit for your wrist.