Cloud 7 Nest Sleeping Bag - Winter Blue

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For those nights away, the Nest sleeping bag provides a place for your nap-minded pooch to burrow.  Especially designed for short-haired and senior dogs who need a little more warmth, this unstructured sleeping bag is lined with a natural sheepskin interior that keeps your woof comfortable in a variety of climes. Designed by the Berlin based label, Cloud 7, the Nest helps create a similar environment to that of a den or crate, helping your canine companion relax and feel safe.

  • Made in Germany

  • Tonal cotton canvas straps on each side, combined with the unstructured nature of this sleeping bag, makes for easy mobility

  • Size: 24”x26”


  • Exterior - Organic Hemp & Cotton

  • Interior - Untreated Wool & Polyester


  • Machine wash on delicate cycle

  • Hang or lay flat to dry