Pet Life - Pet Life ® 'Fur-Guard' Easy Self-Cleaning Grooming Pet Comb

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The Pet Life ® 'Fur-Guard' Easy Self-Cleaning Deshedder Pet Comb features specially engineered curve edged Stainless Steel blades designed to collect shedded hairs more effectively and efficiently. The blades retract and detract at the push of a button that's designed to both release Shedded hairs while safely concealing blades. The Stainless Steel blades are fine-tooth designed to smoothen both the Top and Mid-Coat while removing Shedded Hairs, Mats and Tangles. Features a contoured Rubber-like TPR handle grip for added comfort. Available in Multiple Colors. SIZING DIMENSIONS: (INCHES) L x W x H 6.3 X 4.57 X 2.36