Sleepypod - Yummy Travel Bowls

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FOR HERE OR TO GO? Yummy Travel Bowls is a modern and convenient three-in-one pet bowl set that allows you to store, transport, and serve pet food and water simultaneously, without mixing or spilling the contents. • Store and transport your pet’s food and water at the same time • Serve dry food, wet food, and water in three separate bowls • Leak-free under normal use • Spill-resistant water bowl also serves as a container base • Food bowl doubles as a lid for the water bowl • Lid bowl seals entire container, making it spill-proof • When flipped over, the lid becomes an extra bowl • Made of baby-safe, FDA food-grade, BPA-free silicone • Freezer, dishwasher & microwave safe (-40 to 230 degrees C/-40 to 450 degrees F) • Sizes: small and medium