The Book Of The Dog

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Society is obsessed with dogs, we love them in our homes, on YouTube and in art. The Book Of The Dog by Angus Hyland and Kendra Wilson features all kinds of canines from Mastiffs to Retrievers to Pugs, by all kinds of artists from Goya to Freud to Hockney.

The Book Of The Dog explores the alternative to going native - living with humans. Hyland & Wilson have selected dozens of dog images, from nineteenth century to present day, interspersing them with spiffy statements and short texts about the artists and different breeds. Taking a popular subject and treating it with brevity, whilst retaining innate charm, you’ll find this lovely book to be something you’ll keep coming back to.

  • Author(s): Angus Hylan & Kendra Wilson

  • Format: French Fold Paperback

  • Size: 5.9”x0.6”x7.5”

  • 160pp, 115 colour illustrations