Squarespace. The Dog In Photography - 1839 to Today

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With more than 400 canine portraits, this book is both a picture tribute to our four-legged friend and a unique history of dogs in photography. From the 19th century right through to today, we see how the camera has been the key witness to our timeless affection for dogs, capturing their beauty, character, joy, and abiding friendship.

Spanning from the 19th century to today, this collection includes works by Man Ray, Eric Fischl, Wolfgang Tillmans, Donna Ruskin, Fatima NeJame, Vincent Versace, and of course Elliot Erwitt and William Wegman. Together, their pictures, unique in style but united in canine affection, are testimony that dogs are not only best friends, but also pure photographic inspiration.

  • Author: Raymond Merritt

  • Format: Hardcover w/ Jacket

  • Size: 5.5” x 7.7”

  • 688pp; Multilingual Edition: English, French & German