The Kenyan Collection / Earth Classic

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The Circle Of Life….The Maasai tribe is well known for their traditional handmade beaded jewelry, and this vibrant canine collar reflects both the skill and heritage that is unique to these indigenous people. Only women are permitted to make beaded jewelry and it’s expected they learn this craft; conversely, the men of the Maasai tribe will only wear the beaded work made by the women in their lives - mothers, sisters & wives. In a sense, this highly artistic and tribal art is one of the elements in their culture that reflects the connections they have with one another. You’ll want to join your woof’s pack - or should we say ‘tribe’ - when you see him or her in this dramatic collar from The Kenyan Collection.

  • Handmade in Kenya

  • Solid hand-cast brass hardware

  • Due to the handmade nature of these collars, no two will be exactly alike. Expect subtle differences that are reflective of the individual crafting it.


While these collars are made in different lengths, all measure 2” in height. These collars are best suited for larger breeds or big chested breeds (i.e. bulldogs) or breeds with long necks (i.e. sighthounds)


Size is determined (in inches) at the beginning of the leather collar to the middle hole. This will also allow the collar to be adjusted up or down based on preference. As a general rule, measure your dogs neck and order the closest size to that measurement. Do not add or allow for anything extra.