Yeti - Himalayan Yak Cheese Chew

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Yeti Dog Chews are a traditional hard cheese known as Churpi or Durkha. It’s consumed by the people of the Himalayan regions of Nepal who have known about the nutritional and dental benefits of yak/cow milk for centuries. It’s produced in the mountains at more than 15,000 feet using the ancient recipes of the Himalayas.

These natural chews are not only good for dogs of all sizes and ages, but the product doesn't stain, splinter, and has minimal odor. This hard and long-lasting chew is the perfect treat to keep your dog happy and occupied in a safe and natural way. 


When a small piece is left over from the chew, it can pose a choking hazard for your dog. Simply take the remaining piece and heat it in the microwave for 45-60 seconds, and it should puff up to twice its size. Once it cools, feed it to your dog for a crunchy treat!


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